About TagNFC.com

TagNFC.com is property of Sinfotech.it s.r.l.s., an Italian company of RFID solutions, information technology, and marketing.

Sinfotech.it relies on partner companies for providing some of its services and products.

About Near Field Communication and NFC Tags

90% of the new smartphones are equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC Tags are Integrated Circuits with an antenna. They can be encoded with information or instructions for NFC devices.

All NFC Tags on sale on TagNFC.com are compatible with every device equipped with NFC sensor: we only sell NXP NTAG Series Tags, which have universal compatibility.

NFC Technology and NFC Tags are used for payments, ticketing, access control, tracking, marketing, anti-counterfeiting, for personal use and more. We don't take any responsibility for inappropriate uses.

If you are looking for RFID Tags for logistics, supply chain, inventory, asset tracking, you may be interested in UHF RFID Tags. You can find UHF Tags and Readers on RFID Trade.

Our Customers

We supply NFC Tags to both small and large companies and organizations. Below, some of our customers.

TagNfc.com Customers