Marketing with Near Field Communication technology can be declined in different ways.

In general, the market is evolving in such a way that as soon as the NFC technology will be significantly widespread between users, NFC Tags will replace QR Codes, at least for what concerns promotion. At the moment, we often see them side by side, especially in advertising posters, billboards or flyers.

The NFC Tags, in fact, have significant advantages compared to QR. First of all, they are much more simple and immediate to use, since they do not require the installation of any particular application, nor to frame a code, with the complications due to light or to the dimensions of the code. To use an NFC Tag, consumers just have to tap the Tag with their smartphones.

In addition, NFC Tags can be rewritten (but also protected) and can contain more information than a QR, making a campaign analysis easier.

In general, however, NFC Tags are used mostly on billboards, especially in public places, maybe with Wi-Fi connections too. In this way, the links written on NFC Tags can be opened more simply and quickly.

Another interesting use is the implementation of NFC Tags in product packaging: they can be put on labels on integrated in packaging, in order to provide more product informations or to give access to promotions.