Access Control

One of the professional use of NFC Tags is the Access Control.

The Near Field Communication technology allows you to make high-level applications in matter of access control, keeping low management costs and offering the best benefit-cost ratio.

The access control is combined in different applications.

  • Access Control business. Thank to the NFC technology, the Access Control becomes easy to monitor. It's possible to track not only the entrances, but the worked hours can be automatically calculated. All you need is an NFC reader and smartcards to assign to employees.
  • NFC Check-in. Useful for exhibition stands, it allows you to obtain easily more information (contacts and more) about people interested in your products or services, in a less invasive and more profitable way.
  • NFC loyalty. NFC technology allows you to easily create a database of your customers, and add a loyalty system, with fidelity points and awards for particular achievements (on purchasing or for some promotions).
  • Social Networking. In a broader sense, it is possible to "control" access to social networks too. With a more focused marketing, especially social-oriented, you can use NFC Tags in order to simplify some social network actions, as give a "Like" on Facebook, check-in with FourSquare, post a tweet, and so on, increasing your visibility online.