NFC Compatibility

There are different types of NFC Chips. It is important to know that not every NFC Tag is compatible with all NFC devices. We recommend to rely on NFC Tags with a Ntag Series Chip, made by NXP, which are the only ones with Universal Compatibility, compatible with all NFC smartphones and tablets.

To check if your device is NFC-enabled, please consult the List of NFC smartphones and tablets

Another very important factor to keep in mind is this: NFC Tags normally do not work in contact with metal surfaces, due to the interference of the magnetic field. For this reason, if you need to apply an NFC Tag in a place in contact with metal, you have to buy those so-called 'Anti-metal', or 'On-metal' NFC Tags. The On-metal NFC Tags, in fact, are made with an appropriate ferrite layer that protects them from the magnetic field, so that they can also be applied on metal surfaces.